Shoei X-Fourteen Marquez Motegi2 TC-1

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  • Developed utilizing rider input from the world's top racers
  • Tested in SHOEI’s wind tunnel for next-level aerodynamics and ventilation
  • Enhanced high-speed stability while reducing drag and negative forces
  • Ventilation performance features innovative cheek pad cooling system
  • Patent-pending adjustable/rotating liner components for customizable fit and greater field of vision


  • Refined in SHOEI’s wind tunnel to yield the most aerodynamic and stable X-Series helmet yet
  • All-new shell shape along with a completely redesigned, patent-pending Rear Stabilizer designed to maximize high-speed stability while reducing negative forces on the rider
  • Standard Rear Flaps can be replaced with optional, narrower flaps to customize aerodynamics depending on rider preference and track demands
  • Strategically placed ridges along the top shell and chin bar reduce turbulence and drag
  • Removable lower air spoiler reduces buffeting and drag


  • Boasts six (6) air intakes and six (6) exhaust outlets optimized for maximum airflow
  • All-new cheek pad cooling system delivers refreshing air to rider's cheek area
  • Newly positioned side air outlets improve hot air expulsion
  • Wind tunnel-optimized to excel in the tucked racing position, even behind windscreens


  • Protects from 99% of the sun's damaging UV rays
  • Innovative new ribs on top and bottom edge improve rigidity and eliminate bending
  • Exclusive, patent-pending Vortex Generators reduce air friction
  • All-new double shield locking mechanism prevents unwanted shield openings
  • Provides a flat surface to accommodate racing tearoffs
  • Comes equipped with Pinlock® EVO fog-resistant system